How To Recover Data From USB Thumb Drive That Has RAW File System

Thursday, June 14, 2012

For me, USB thumb drive is vulnerable. Its ability to read and write (save) data, make it very easy to be infected by computer virus. When the virus attack your USB thumb drive, sometimes, it will show the weird symptom such as pop-up message that prompt you to format the USB thumb drive while you still have a lot of data inside it. See below  


The message above usually pop-up just after you impale the USB thumb drive into USB port of your computer. Also, the message above will appears after you double click the USB thumb drive’s icon in My Computer. When you click the button Cancel you will see the error message below.


The symptom above, indicate that the file system of your USB thumb drive become corrupted. It had changed from FAT32 or NTFS file system to the RAW file system.

You will notice that you cannot access your important data from the USB thumb drive that has the RAW file system. What is more frustrating, you even cannot save the data inside it into the another storage.    

So, in this article I will show you HOW TO RECOVER YOUR IMPORTANT DATA FROM USB THUMB DRIVE THAT HAS RAW FILE SYSTEM. For the purpose of that, I will recommend you to use the software named MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Click Here To Download.

This software is produced with the FIVE types of licenses. But, for the problem stated above, the free license is sufficient. The maximum size of files that you can recover or save is only 1GB for free license software.


Before The Procedures

  1. First of all, you need to install the MiniTool Power Data Recovery into your computer hard disk. Please take caution that you SHOULD NOT INSTALL this software into the drive that contains lost data.


    In other mean, assume that the computer hard disk has 2 partitions, C:\ drive and D:\ drive. So, if you get data lost in your C:\ drive, you must install the MiniTool Power Data Recovery in D:\ drive. See the example below:


    After you have decided in which drive you should install the software (by clicking the Capture button), you can proceed the installation until it finish. 

  2. Create a folder, eg: USB files, and place it on your computer desktop. This folder will be used to save the recovered files which will be discover by the MiniTool Power Data Recovery software.

The Procedures

The installation process is finished. Now, you are ready to recover your important data reside in USB thumb drive that has corrupted file system (RAW file system).

To recover your data, you have to perform the following steps:

  1. Attach the USB thumb drive that has the corrupted file system (RAW file system) into computer USB port.

  2. Just click Capture when the message below pop-up on your desktop.


  3. Now, launch the MiniTool Power Data Recovery software –-> you will be presented with the software interface like below


  4. Based on above, click Lost Partition Recovery module –-> the screen below will be presented to you


  5. Based on above, highlight the USB thumb drive which you want to recover the important data inside it –-> click Capture.

  6. The recovering processes start. Please wait until it finish.


  7. After the process finish, the result will be shown like below


  8. Now, highlight the Partition 2 RAW –-> click Capture --> the list of recovered files will be shown to you. See below


  9. Based on above, click the check box that represent RAW Files in order to show the right sign sign –-> click Capture --> the Save Files wizard box will appears like below


  10. Now, click Capture and choose the path of an empty folder you had created, eg: USB files –-> click Capture --> please wait while the recovered files has been saved.


  11. Finally, click Capture when the wizard box below appears –-> exit the MiniTool Power Data Recovery software. 



  1. All files that succeed to be recovered will be saved in the folder that you had created under Before The Procedures section. In this case, the folder name is USB files.

  2. All filenames for the files that succeed to be recovered is not same as the original filenames.



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