How To Install Operating System Into Virtual Machine

Monday, March 26, 2012

Before this, I had posted an article about how to create a virtual machine in the computer. But, actually the process is still incomplete. The virtual machine you created is still empty from any operating system that you might want to use or try.

So, in this article, I will show you the steps to install operating system in the virtual machine. We called this type of operating system as GUEST OPERATING SYSTEM.

What You Need

  1. Windows DVD installer, eg: Windows 7 DVD. Windows 7 will be the guest operating system.

  2. Virtual machine. Click here if you need the guide to create it.

Before The Procedures

  1. You have to adjust the virtual machine’s boot order. Because you will install Windows OS using DVD, so you need to put CD/DVD-ROM as a first boot order. To change the boot order, you need to do the following

    Click Capture --> the settings box below will be presented for you.


    Based on above, highlight Capture --> click the upper arrow to change Capture to become first boot order.

    See below for the boot order that I recommend you to follow


    Click Capture to finish the task.

  2. You need to know the drive letter for CD/DVD-ROM drive of your physical computer.


    After you got the information about CD/DVD-ROM in your computer, you need to do the following:

    Click Capture --> the settings box below will be presented for you.


    Based on above, highlight the word Capture under IDE Controller –-> click Capture to show the context menu.

    Choose the suitable host drive (which represent the CD/DVD ROM drive of your physical computer), eg: Host Drive ‘E:’ as a virtual CD/DVD-ROM drive of your virtual machine –-> click Capture.

    Now, you will see the result below, under section Storage


The Procedures

  1. Insert Windows installer DVD into your computer’s CD/DVD-ROM drive.

  2. Start the virtual machine.


  3. Please wait until you see the interface below and ignore any message (if appears) by clicking OK. Wait a little more time until Windows finish loading the files.


  4. When Windows finish loading its files, it begin to start.


  5. Wait until you see the interface below


    Click the check box Do not show this message again –-> click OK.

  6. Now you can begin the Windows setup process by clicking Capture. The process now can be continued and performed like usual. 



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