How To Add A Blog Button – Part 2

Monday, June 13, 2011

Welcome back. This is the second part of my posting about adding a blog button. In part 1, I had explained more about designing a blog button using the online services such as

So, now you have a few blog buttons. Before you can put it onto your blog, you must keep or host them on a server. Usually this server had been called image hosting server which come in form of online services. In this procedures, I used

What You Need

  1. Register your account with image hosting services. Click here and click button Sign Up


  2. Fill your information in the form below –-> click button Sign me up! 


  3. Ignore the offer by clicking button No, thanks –-> your account is available now.

The procedures

Now is the time to host your blog button using photobucket image hosting service.

  1. Click here –-> click Login –-> use the username and password you registered during sign up process.


  2. Click button Upload now –-> click button Select photos and videos


  3. When you see the interface below, click to choose the button you want to upload –-> click Open 


  4. Wait until you see the prompt below. If you have more button to upload, click Upload more files, otherwise, click Save and continue to my album.


  5. Then, you will see the contents of your album like below. 


  6. Now, point your mouse cursor on the blog button –-> copy the direct link’s information and paste it on notepad program for your future use.





{ info toko surya62 } at: June 15, 2011 at 8:32 AM said...

thank you very much and surprice for you ... succses... !!!

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