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Friday, June 10, 2011 had added the feature which quite useful for bloggers. With this feature, they can add multiple pages to their blog. So, it make their blog more like a website. When I said “more like a website”, it means, they can have the static pages which can be linked with blog buttons.  

My posting tonight will cover about how to create the static page in our blog.

The Procedures

  1. Login to you blogger dashboard.

  2. Click Edit Posts –-> click Edit Pages –-> click button NEW PAGE 


  3. Now, you will see the interface like below


  4. Based on picture above, give the suitable title for your static page. Type that title in the text box named Page Title –-> click button PUBLISH PAGE.

  5. When the interface below appears, click View Page


  6. Copy the URL below (indicate by the red arrow) and save it into notepad program. For your information, this URL is belong to the static page you had created.



    The step 6 is THE MUST because you will need this URL in order to hyperlink it with blog button.



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