Create Disk Partitions In Windows XP Using MiniTool Partition Wizard

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nowadays, computer’s hard disk come in massive size. It is not a problem anymore to the users to keep the collection of movies and songs together with the applications software in single hard disk.

But, users maybe very difficult and may have to take a long time to search their own data in their own hard disk which may have single partition if they pooling too many data in it.

In order to ease this problem, some people may create few disk partitions and classify certain type of data into certain partition. For me this is an ideal way to solve the problem.

In this article, I will suggest you the free software that you can use to create disk partitions.

There are many free software from Internet that you can use to create disk partition in Windows. One of them is MiniTool Partition Wizard released by MiniTool Solution Ltd. It has 5 versions available and if you want to use it for free you can pick the Home Edition version. 

Click Here To Download.

The bootable versions for this software is also available but I will not discuss about this versions in this article. But if you need it you can download it here.

How To Use

Now, assume that you have a computer with Windows XP installed. You only setup single partition on you hard disk. Let say, you want to setup another more partition on your hard disk and you want to do this directly from Windows XP’s environment. So what you need to do is the following:

  1. Install the MiniTool Partition Wizard in your computer.


  2. When installation finish, you can launch the software and you will see the MiniToolPartition Wizard’s box like below


  3. Based on above, let say you want to partition the space of drive C: (that represent the whole space of hard disk) into 2 part.

    So, highlight and right click the drive C: –-> when the context menu appears, click Move/Resize –-> Move/Resize Partition wizard appears


  4. Using the wizard above, you can click the toggle and move the partition right or left to resize the second disk’s partition.

    You can determine the size of second disk’s partition by viewing the Unallocate Space After: during resizing process –-> click OK after you finish resizing.


  5. Now, based on above, you will see the additional partition labeled with Unallocated under drive C:’s partition.

    Highlight and right click that Unallocated partition –-> when the context menu appears click Create –-> you will see the Create New Partition’s wizard like below


  6. Inside the red line above, fill the information about the new partition (second disk’s partition) such as partition label, the partition’s type, e.g: primary partition, the file system you want to install into disk partition, eg: NTFS and the partition’s drive letter. Leave the cluster size as default –-> click OK


  7. Now, you will see the main wizard that display the information about new partition or second disk’s partition. See above.

    Click Apply to run the resizing process –-> you will see the box below


  8. Click Yes –-> click Restart Now when you see the notice’s box below


  9. Just after computer restart and load into Windows, you will see the Partition Wizard – Boot Mode’s box like below.


  10. Wait until the process finish and the computer restart or you may need to restart the computer manually.


  11. After restarting, click My Computer on Windows desktop –-> you will see the new partition labeled Local Disk with drive letter E:. See above.


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