Disable Windows Service To Increase Windows XP Speed

Sunday, May 29, 2011

One of the useful tips to increase Windows XP speed performance is to disable the unneeded Windows services. Just to let you know, it will consume your computer memory and thus, slowdown your computer operation if the unneeded Windows services remain activate.

Tonight, I will show you which Windows services you don’t need and can disable in order to make your Windows XP run faster especially in the old brand computer.


If you read my previous post, I ask you to take notice on the tips number 4. That tips will teach you how to disable Windows services in Windows XP.

The Windows XP Services I Recommend You To Disable

  1. Fast User Switching CompatibilityYou can disable it, if you never share your computer with other people. But it will not prevent you to create multiple users account.

  2. Help and SupportOptional. But I always disable it because I never click and use the Help and Support options reside in Start menu.

  3. Indexing Service – I strongly recommend you to disable this service. But your computer will little bit slow to find your files using Search options reside in Start menu

  4. MS Software Shadow Copy Provider – If you are the type of person who always perform Windows XP installation using Windows setup CD, I recommend you to disable this services.

  5. Remote Registry – It can prevent remote users (especially the bad one) to modify your Windows registry data. If you modify Windows registry by mistake, it can harm your computer system.

  6. Secondary Logon – You may want to disable this service if you never use Run As which reside in context menu. I sometimes disable it.

  7. Smart Card – Disable this service if you have an old computer that do not have card reader.

  8. System Restore Service – I always disable this service because I never use Windows XP system restore. System restore can be used to restore your system to the previous state.

  9. TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper – If your computer never be in Novell Netware network environment, you can disable it. But I believe that many of us using TCP/IP network for our computer.

  10. Themes – I strongly recommend you to disable this service in your very old and low requirements computer.

  11. Volume Shadow Copy – If you never create an image backup for your Windows system, better you disable this service.

  12. Wireless Zero Configuration – If your computer never use wireless devices or do not has wireless capability, you can disable this services.      



{ mama shifa } at: May 31, 2011 at 3:24 PM said...

kalau mama auto delete internet history
mende tu yg buat berat sebab byk jajan hehehe

{ Zainal } at: May 31, 2011 at 10:33 PM said...

salam mama shifa...

ya..boleh gak tuh..tapi tak leh selalu sgt..nanti bila guna internet untuk masuk ke sites yang disukai...IE browser akan lambat loading..

sekian TQ datang melawat..:)

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