Backup & Restore Your Computer Drivers Using Double Driver

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Actually, perform Windows installation is not too difficult. What you need to do are

  1. Put the Windows setup CD into the computer CD-ROM drive.

  2. Let the computer boot through it.

  3. Finally follow what the computer instruct you to do. Eg: format hard disk and install Windows OS to the finish line.

But, the process after Windows installation usually make you head-spinning and even waste a lot of your time. I refer to the process of searching the computer drivers. It is very tired and time consuming to find them in the Internet, especially when you dealing with the old brand computer. Fortunately, I had discovered the free & portable software that can save your time & energy. 

With this software, you can make a backup copy of your computer drivers BEFORE you install Windows OS and restore them AFTER Windows installation finish.

The picture below, represent the interface of Double Driver free software.


Click Here To Download


Please restart the computer after you finish restore the computer drivers. To know the restore status, click Home and see the word Restore completed at the bottom of the program interface. Look the picture below:



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