IObit Toolbox, The Portable Maintenance Software For Windows

Monday, March 28, 2011

It is necessary for a computer technician to has the software which can be used to perform the basic maintenance on operating system that installed inside a computer system. Usually, the computer technician will install the maintenance software that is not portable and will appears in the list of installed programs, eg: Programs and Features or Add/Remove Programs.

This is not a problem for the computer users who know how to use the maintenance software you installed on their computer system and remove it when they do not need it anymore. But, for the computer users who think installing the non-portable maintenance software into their computer system will just waste the hard disk space, I suggest you to try the IObit Toolbox.

It is a maintenance software that is portable and compatible with Windows OS. Because it is portable, you do not have to install it into a computer system, so no disk space will be wasted.

Make sure the computer system has a zip program such as 7zip to extract the IObit toolbox zip file.

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How To Use

  1. First of all, you need to extract the IObit toolbox software which come in form of zip file.


    To ease yourself, you can create a folder and save the IObit toolbox zip file inside it. Then, you can extract the zip file using the way shown by the picture above.

  2. After extraction, you will get the files like below. You can launch this maintenance software by double click the icon named Toolbox


  3. After double click, you will see the interface like below


  4. Based on the interface above you can notice that the IObit Toolbox is the maintenance software which has various utilities to maintain the Windows OS. Each utilities are provided with the simple description below their name.

  5. For novice users, I recommend you at least to learn how to use the first three utility like I indicate below (inside the yellow box).



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