Internet Explorer Problem – “Gods Must Be Creazy!!!”

Thursday, March 31, 2011

A picture spell a thousand word. That is what can I say in my posting today because I don’t know how to explain to you about this problem. Just look at the picture below


As you can see in the yellow ellipse shape above, the sentence stated Google –gods must be creazy!!!. So my posting today is about how to get rid of that sentence from the web browser of Internet Explorer.

As an additional information, this problem happen on the computer system which Window Vista installed inside it.


This problem occur when the computer had been attack by virus named pissu.exe. Follow the steps below

  1. Remove the pissu.exe virus by scanning the computer using the antivirus program. The program must has the latest update definition. Perform the Full System Scan.

  2. After the scanning process complete, right click the Internet Explorer’s icon on Windows desktop –-> choose & click Properties –-> the Internet Properties’ dialog box appears on the screen


  3. Based on the picture above, click Advanced tab –-> click Reset… --> the Reset Internet Explorer Settings’ dialog box appears on the screen

  4. Click Reset and wait –-> click Close –-> click OK

  5. Restart the Internet Explorer’s program.


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