How To Backup And Restore Blog Template In Blogger

Friday, March 25, 2011

Backup and restore the blog template are TWO basic processes which are very important to be known by a blogger.

  • THE PURPOSE OF BACKUP is to save the source code of the blog template for security reason. If the problem arise while you modify the source code, you can restore it back to the original condition. So, before you made any modification on the source code, you should backup it first.

  • THE PURPOSE OF RESTORE is to revert the source code of the blog template back to its original condition. When you aware that there is some problems on the blog design, you can restore the blog template by retrieve the source code that you had backup.

So now, you know the purpose of backup and the purpose of restore the blog template. Today, we will learn how to backup and how to restore the blog template. Both processes are for bloggers who use the blogspot as their blogging platform

How To Backup The Blog Template

  1. Login to your blogger account –-> please wait until you see the interface below.


  2. Based on above, click Design –-> click Edit HTML –-> you will see the interface like below.


  3. Click Download Full Template –-> click Save –-> choose the suitable location and named the backup file of the blog template –-> click Save

How To Restore The Blog Template

  1. Based on KERATAN GAMBAR 1, click Capture –-> the interface Choose File to Upload will be visible on your computer screen. See the picture below


  2. Find and click the blog template (.xml) which you had backup in the procedure How To Backup Blog Template –-> click Open –-> click Upload


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